Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cafes in Paris - Ancient But Modern

Among the various exciting experiences one will have at Paris, spending an evening in one of the famous Paris cafes with tables on the lovely pavements is exclusive. Though it will be an expensive affair, one should have this amazing experience at least once during the stay in Paris. The bars at the Parisian cafes offer variety of tastes. These restaurants are busy throughout day and night. The thousands of tourists who visit Paris for culture and specialized shopping make it a point to spend some time at least once in one of the famous cafes in Paris.

Most part of the Paris restaurant menu consists of high-priced cocktails. Those who are not willing to spend much will satisfy themselves with a glass of wine. The leading cafes in Paris will be opened for seven days of the week and the visitors include bikers, tourists, students and local Bohemians. For all the customers' sitting outside on the pavement terrace is the most interesting aspect of their visit to the café. The chains of cafes, restaurants, bars and boutiques have transformed many sleeping parts of Paris to centres of brisk activities. Those who are very particular of getting a place outside on the pavement will go earlier and grab their seat.

Montparnasse in Paris where Picasso, Hemingway and Modigliani lived once has undergone a massive change with the upcoming of many modern cafes and restaurants. Being a place where thousands of tourists gather, here also the Paris restaurant menu \is too costly. However, apart from eating a snacks or having a glass of wine it will be much interesting to watch around the students engaged in serious discussions on their lessons, meeting among business men and the fashion loving local people just taking a break from their busy shopping.

The narrow road between Bastille and Belleville in Paris is a calm and quiet place during the day time. But in the evening it becomes so busy with thousands of local people gathering in the cafes. Here again the table on the pavement is the preferred seat by all.

Paris had been always at the helm of culture, art, style, and food. The pavement cafes, bars and restaurants in Paris are the most ideal places to sit for some time and taste a cocktail. These were the spots where once great people like Hemingway and Picasso used to spend time daily. There are famous cafes as well as lesser known cafes. Most of the famous Paris cafes are spots for sightseeing.

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