Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Good Idea For Travelling A Little Lighter

Carrying a lot of baggage? Metaphorically it's a phrase that means being held back, bogged down. It's a great metaphor - because in the real physical world baggage has exactly the same effect on people trying to move around. So what can you do and loosen the load of luggage and reduce that burden of baggage whilst you're travelling?

One solution that's rapidly gaining popularity amongst people who travel is cheap self storage. Whether outbound, storing your flat contents (maybe so you can let it out) while you jet off abroad on an extended period of working overseas - or inbound - as an extra room for the stuff you bring with you when you land on holiday or vacation. Self storage could be the answer.

The concept is pretty straight-forward, you rent a cheap self-contained storage locker or unit in a local self storage centre. It's essentially a building full of individual storage units that provides a safe and secure environment. You can rent the space to store all the extra belongings you aren't taking with you (if you're heading abroad) or the stuff you don't want to clutter up your hotel room or apartment in your temporary work, holiday or study destination. It's a particularly great solution for students who need to move around outside of term and between semesters or are on a gap year. Or for backpackers - who might be touring, visiting a city for a few days, but have don't want to leave their belongings unsecured at the hostel in the daytime.

Lockers and storage units come in a whole range of sizes. They're generally far cheaper than the 'per bag' left-luggage services you'll find at Airports, Railway and Bus Stations. You pay for the space - not the number of items - so you can fit as many suitcases in as is physically possible and you'll still pay the same price.

It's a highly competitive market so there are lots of competitive deals to be had. Price Promises that guarantee best value are commonplace - so shop around for good deals. When looking at those special deals one of the pitfalls to look out for is minimum storage terms (weekly or monthly) and short notice move-out fees. The best value operators will charge you only for the days you are using your unit and won't sting you for any remaining part-weeks or months if your stay comes to an end early.

Also bear in mind there are some things you cannot store - including illegal, perishable or flammable goods.

The one minor drawback is that you'll have to get your stuff to your chosen storage centre which is usually a short car, bus or taxi ride away. But that little bit of convenience up front will save you from being a pack-horse for the rest of your stay and don't forget, even with the bus or taxi fare it'll save you a heap of money over mainstream left luggage services.

The final thing you'll need to sort is insurance. All reputable storage companies will insist that your belongings are insured whilst in store. Finding insurance for storage might seem like a big headache. Most storage providers offer specialist insurance alongside your rental fee and will insist you take out their insurance - as it is a very specialist field and they know that with their policy you are guaranteed the specialist cover required.

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