Saturday, May 5, 2012

Airport Parking Has Gotten A Facelift

You have booked that long awaited vacation, are packed and ready to go, and the only thing left is to get to the airport. As you know, airport parking can be expensive and unsafe to leave your vehicle in for extended periods time. However, this has all changed with Gatwick Airport Parking. With new security checks being part of screening for your flight, by booking your Gatwick airport parking ahead of time, you will be able to clear the security checks faster. When you arrive, you will be assisted in getting your luggage organized for the security checks, and with five language televisions telling you what you can and cannot have on your flight will make things even faster. For Smartphone users, you can show your boarding pass at security gates, getting you through quicker. According to Gatwick airport, the whole process will only take about five minutes.

Gatwick airport parking has also introduced parking stalls that have electric charging ports for those with electric vehicles. You can charge your car for up to four hours, completely free. Along with this, because of the security regulations you cannot go from Gatwick parking areas or hotels to put your purchases into, so they have introduced 'shop and drop' storage. You can leave your items behind on your trip and pick them up when you return. This is great, because some airlines refer to shopping bags as luggage. In addition, Gatwick airport has implemented an area with benches for you to go through your hand luggage and put your make up and liquid items into free re-sealable bags. This will reduce your wait time in the airport.

There is more than just airport parking at Gatwick. You can choose off airport parking that is within easy reach of the airport. With transfers that operate on 15 or 20 minutes schedules 24 hours a day to and from the airport, you can check in your car and your keys at the same time for faster arrival to the airport. Once you have done this, your car will be taken to a secure compound so you are assured of its safety while you are on your trip. With options of luxury courtesy, Gatwick airport parking, both on and off, has the esteemed award of the Secure Parking Award from the Association of Chief Police Officers. So, when you fly out of Gatwick airport, you are assured that your car will be kept safe and sound while you are gone.

There are many different services available at the airport, including business, disabled and children's services, all designed to make your journey in the air as pleasant as possible. You have the option of transportation to and from the airport to a number of on and off airport parking areas, as well as petrol stations for convenience. With over 30 million passengers flying in and out of Gatwick airport each year, they are striving to be one of the best in the world in every aspect possible.

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